Why Use A Personal Trainer?

Investing in a personal trainer might seem a little frivolous with today’s economy, but it’s an investment that pays off! There’s no “one size fits all” exercise program. Daily Fitness trainers draw from an endless well of exercise possibilities to meet individual client needs. They take the “personal” in personal training very seriously!

Consider the following advantages of having a trainer:



One of the main reasons a person stops exercising is loss of motivation. A Personal Trainer can provide motivation, structure and accountability, which helps to develop

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Individualized Instruction

If you face chronic health conditions, physical injuries, or have specific training goals (i.e. running a marathon), a Personal Trainer can work with you to plan a safe

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A Personal Trainer will help you focus on results and stop wasting your time on inefficient workouts. A Trainer develops a customized plan that will help you get maximum

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Introduction to Exercise

For beginners, a Personal Trainer is the ultimate fitness educator and coach. A good trainer will introduce you to a simple, effective routine that is appropriate for your

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Welcome to Daily Fitness

Daily Fitness is a personal training business that focuses on the needs of active adults and seniors in Sun City West, AZ. With a staff of qualified professionals, Daily Fitness develops exercise programs that are carefully designed to address the concerns of individual clients.

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you will benefit from working with a Daily Fitness Personal Trainer. Call us today at 623-256-7901.

  • Do you want to lose weight and shape up with an effective exercise program?
  • Are you low on energy and stamina?
  • Have you lost muscle strength, coordination and balance?
  • Are you a beginner at exercising and need some help getting started?
  • Is it difficult for you to get motivated to exercise?
  • Are you intimidated by the fitness center and all of the equipment in it?
  • Do you have to be careful about exercising because of health concerns?
  • Are you at a plateau and need to reach a higher fitness level?

Daily Fitness Lecture Series


Travel and Stay Fit

Tom Reemtsma

“Travel and Stay Fit” by Tom Reemtsma, certified personal trainer and senior fitness specialist. Biography Don’t leave your workout regimen at home when you travel – take it with you! Tom will present an exercise strategy that targets the aerobic and strength levels you have worked so diligently to achieve. Exercises will involve a light-weight devise that tucks into a suitcase, and items easily found in any tourist accommodation. This workout can be taken with you as you travel or used right in the comfort of your home.


Exercise Tips for Golfers

Jane Fortier

“Exercise Tips for Golfers” by Jane Fortier, certified personal trainer and weight management specialist. Biography There are 32 major muscle groups involved in the game of golf. Having those muscles working at optimal capacity can make a difference in the final game score. Jane will introduce ways to improve golf performance through appropriate exercise. She will take a comprehensive look at preparing the body for the game of golf.


Keys for Better Balance & Mobility

Dick Fortier, NESTA

“Keys for Better Balance & Mobility” by Dick Fortier, NESTA certified Personal Trainer. Biography Balance becomes a major concern for aging adults. Dick will highlight some important factors for maintaining and improving balance. He will discuss the physiological changes that lead to mobility problems and suggest some appropriate exercises for improvement.


“I am so excited about what I have learned and the results of my training sessions. I had no idea how special this was going to be”

Isabelle B
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