Client Comments

“I am so excited about what I have learned
and the results of my training sessions. I had no idea how special this was going to be”

Isabelle B.

12 session program

“The program content exceeded my expectations. I now have several exercise options for variety and feel very confident on how to use the machines correctly. I feel challenged – which is just what I wanted”

Jeanne D.

12 session program

“I liked how the program included machines and free weights. I am looking forward to using a variety of exercises now, so I won’t get bored”

Sharon B.

12 session program

“I’m feeling so much better after my training program. Now I know how to use the equipment safely and effectively”

Dwight L.

18 session program

“My trainer came up with many & varied exercises that will keep my interest up, as I cycle through all the options – great instruction!”

Roger P.

6 session package

“I’m excited about the added strength I have and the weight loss”

Adeline A.

12 session program

“I appreciated the fact that my trainer emphasized exercises aimed at my weaknesses, while accommodating my limitations”

Mary Ann P.

12 session program

“Working one-on-one with a trainer made me work harder than I would have on my own. I needed that”

Rick B.

6 session package

“The program was much more than I expected. My trainer was knowledgeable on the equipment and exercises for all body parts”

Wayne B.

12 session program

“My trainer did a great job with the limited program I chose”

Susan R.

3 session package
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